Decorating With Rugs When I’m Feeling At My Best


When my live-in boyfriend decided to end our relationship of three years, it happened suddenly and traumatically. It was easily one of the most painful times in my life. We had shared a home with my five-year-old daughter and she adored him. After he left, all of the memories and pictures stayed hung on the walls, reminding us both; of a life that was no longer ours.



Finally, we decided to take action. I took all of our old family pictures off the walls, went the store and bought fresh paint. Over the next couple of days, we would go to our favorite stores and each pick out wall art, lamps, and shelves. I was determined to have a home where she felt she belonged. I wanted our home to reflect our strength and our love. I wanted to heal and for us to move forward in a positive way. Life may not always be fair, but we have a choice to make it beautiful, regardless of the circumstances. Changing the décor in our home was symbolic for me and it reflected how we were changing our lives.



By the end of the week, our home had a different feel. It was ours. The new décor gave the both of us a sense of power and control. It was our fresh start and gave us a new sense of life. This was now space, which would be special for just my daughter and me; a space to build our lives together and fill with new memories. I think the décor that we chose to fill our home with, does just that. My hope is that when we walk through the front door of our house, she can see and feel the love that we share, as we continue to build our home, together when we were on the hunt for area rugs in Wichita KS.



Decor matters in my life because I am surrounded by it everywhere I go in life. My mom is where I first learned about decorating things. I like to think of my mom as an interior decorator even though that is not her official job title. My mom has been obsessed with decor for as long as I can remember. We are mostly going to Home Goods and other home stores looking for new things and even items for future parties that we will host. I could never pick one piece of decor that means a lot to me because they all mean so much. I have watched my mom make so many flower arrangements and take items that might be meant for Christmas tree decorations and use them to make a beautiful centerpiece. The way that my mother can tell a story through decorating our house, to decorating parties, she can transform a room and make it beautiful.



Decor is another way that we can express ourselves. When choosing how you want to have your bedroom you want things that portray your personality. Some like a room that is aesthetically pleasing, while others like camouflage everywhere. Decor lets us tell a story without opening our mouths to speak. Decor has been important over the course of our history as well. From the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, The Effie’s Tower, and every important landmark around the world. Decor lets individuals stand out and separate ourselves from each other.


Home Decorating Tips in 2018

They say clothes make the man. For buildings, the decor is the cloth that gives the building its character, over and above its form.

I work in a space where I’ve consciously made an effort to decorate. To make my space more comfortable to spend time in, more visually pleasing – more mine.  From time to time, I change this to suit the season, my current needs, interests, and even my mood. Why? I spend ten hours a day in this space. I need to feel that it is mine, and reflects who I am. It makes me happy and even gives a jolt to my creative output.

It’s true that the world is obsessed with personality. The whys of the things we do, and whether we can influence them to go our way. However, the nature versus nurture debate has never been conclusively answered. Therefore, parents will continue to surround their children with images of what they could become – what they would like them to be – whenever possible. A blue room for boys, and a pink room for girls… This is nurturing them – through decor – to make them ultra feminine, or ultra masculine, God forbid anything else… Stuffing a room full of toy soldiers and train sets,  and girls’ rooms with tiny utensils is a common manifestation of this. Of course, this gender stereotyping – though persistent – does not always work. Some of the most celebrated chefs in the world are men. Let the children choose what facets of their personality they wish to emphasize.

Since space, no matter how little, is a reflection of ourselves, workers will continue to add “imprints of themselves” on their spaces. Whether in the form of posters, potted plants, stickers what in essence would be knickknacks. They add no material value to space, but they do add an emotional and mental well-being component to it. Employees who are allowed to modify their workspaces are happier at work.

A number of studies have shown that something as simple as color can affect productivity, appetite and even peace of mind. Restaurants and eateries, for the most part, are aware of this. Therefore, you will frequently find red in their decor, in an effort to rouse and sustain your appetite. Hospitals, on the other hand, avoid red. It is not a restful color to be around. In fact, they actively favor hospital gardens to help speed up the healing process, because it has been scientifically proven to work. Many hospitals around the world are actively investing in gardens, in order to help their patients recover.

Employers also know this. This is why companies such giant companies as Google, and Amazon go out of their way to create a comfortable working space for their employees. The benefit is two way. If the employees are happy being there, their productivity and creativity will increase greatly. Some scientists in Psychology today have attempted to quantify this, and the figures they are throwing out 20%, 50% increased output is nothing to sniff at. Decor matters greatly. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.…

Decorating My First Apartment – Rugs, Paintings, Curtains, Etc.

From the moment I first opened the door to my apartment I immediately thought this wasn’t the place for me. The door only opened at a 90-degree angle; with the narrow hallway, it wasn’t possible for the agent and me to enter at the same time. To make matters worse, it was dark. Not dark because the lights weren’t on but dark because the apartment lacks natural lighting. On the front half of this oddly shaped apartment there are large windows but on the other half, the windows open to face concrete walls.


fall decorations


Although I’m delighted to have large windows on the side, opening the blinds for light means losing all the privacy I have inside. With the apartment being on the ground floor, everyone passing by this busy main street will then have a full view into my home. To make matters worse, the guest bedroom that I intend to rent is on the side if the apartment without windows and is also obscurely shaped; making it less appealing to renters. Despite the features that I couldn’t change, the location was superb and since apartments are rented out quickly I took my chances by agreeing to rent it.

Based on the decor of the apartment it was clear to see that the owner was an older person; due to the antique paintings that covered every inch of the walls and the flooring covered by their recent search for area rugs in Omaha NE. The old dusty light fixtures did a better job constricting light than brightening the dark apartment. In the bedrooms, not even the bed sets looked like something that wasn’t bought within the last twenty years. The furniture was dated and not one piece matched to make a complete set. Even though I was the new tenant all of these aspects made me feel like it wasn’t my home. I knew I needed to do something in order to change this uncomfortable feeling I had while living there.

I started by removing everything in the apartment to start afresh; I removed excessively large pieces of furniture and all of the paintings on the wall. I looked through decor websites, saved multiple pictures and tips on Pinterest. Since I had a low budget I knew the way I truly desired to style my home wouldn’t be possible. However, I made the best out of it by shopping at lower priced stores such as Ikea. I also incorporated things I already owned from the previous places where I was living.

In the end, I now love my new home. There were a few things my budget didn’t permit me to change such as the light fixtures, and I obviously couldn’t do anything about the structure of the apartment. Nevertheless, the changes I made drastically changed the ambiance of the apartment. Removing all of the pictures on the wall managed to make the apartment to be seem brighter with the light now reflecting on clean white walls. I changed the blinds in the windows, I have access to all of the daylight I want without having to sacrifice my privacy.


There was one piece that I was able to incorporate into my apartment that added the perfect level of contrast and is the statement piece in the entire apartment, my rugged emerald green rug. The rug is used to identify the dining area in the petite space. Placed underneath the dining table this rug turned the open living room/kitchen space into three separate spaces as I wanted. This gives the impression of the apartment having more space, which is vital since I have to share a small apartment with someone else. My home is so cozy and comfortable to me now that anytime I have to leave, now feels like a burden.


Home Decorating With Area Rugs

I’ve always found myself drawn to the medical field, this may be because I was always in the hospital.  I was a pretty clumsy kid.  In my adolescence, I would sport an injury nearly every week.  I’ve gotten less injury prone as I’ve gotten older, but I’m still not without the occasional trip on a flat surface.  In my lifetime, I have had two sprained wrists, 4 sprained ankles (3 on the left and one on the right), two broken wrists, two dislocated shoulders, one concussion, and an assortment of broken fingers and toes.


Let’s take a trip to 2009….So now we’re at my beloved elementary school, Minisink Valley.  I loved this place, everything about it was great, the urinals that reached all the way down to the floor, the gigantic playground full of dangerous obstacles for barely four foot tall 9-year-olds, not to mention that one teacher who gave out lollipops every time we answered a question correctly.  My elementary school truly was a gem like none other.


Anyway, It’s springtime, I’m at recess, my friends and I are running away from girls chasing us with barbies because well “coodies” were a very real and incurable ailment.  The swings were always our base, if we got there we were basically immune.  Out of nowhere a girl breaks from the pack and singles me out, so I make for the swings.  I’m running as fast as my legs can sprint, wind rushing through my buzz cut (my parents didn’t believe in paying for haircuts so they just gave me buzz cuts themselves…it was awful), and BAM I made it.  The girl leaves obviously defeated as she knows my newly gained immunity.  I’m pretty tired at this point after my 25-yard sprint so I plop down on the swings, and I swing.


Five minutes pass and the teacher calls us in, the only problem is I’m still swinging, and with no indication of slowing down; gravity has taken over at this point and I have absolutely no control.  I start brainstorming and come up with a solution.  “I’ll just jump”, yeah I’ll jump!  Won’t be too hard, and if I do it all my friends will think it’s super cool!  So I jump…. well more like fell really fast.  I didn’t take into account that there isn’t really a stable surface to jump from when your swinging at a velocity of 90 mph.  It all happened very quickly, but I remember standing up, looking at my wrist and thinking “that doesn’t look right”,  I immediately go to my teacher, she screams, this is not the response I was looking for.


I eventually end up in the nurse’s office whom also doesn’t present me with the reaction I wanted.  As soon as I showed her my hand she cringes and tells me to sit down, at which time she calls my mother.  I can go on and on about all of the adults from this point forward who saw my broken, swollen, oddly shaped wrist, but it would be a waste of time.  EVERY adult that saw my injury comforted me by cringing and mouthing “oooooooooffff”.  So yeah, not a great experience.  To my surprise, the only adult that didn’t give this type of reaction was Dr. Trap.  He just observed my wrist and moved my arm in positions so that he could better see the injury, there were no signs of dismay in his voice.  As he talked to me he kept it light and made this seem like a normal occurrence (which I’m sure it was for him).  This gave me comfort, and I relaxed.  He eventually gave me some anesthesia and set the wrist back in place, as well as put a hard cast onto my newly normalized arm.


The way Dr. Trap handled my injury amazed me, and I consider it to be a major factor in my decision to go into the medical field.  I plan on working in pediatrics and helping kids as injury prone to myself.  I’m excited about what the future may hold, and I hope I can touch the life of somebody like myself and inspire them to dedicate their life to also helping the clumsy people of this world.



Hiring A Professional

A Web Site is Your Online Representative
Would you build your brick and mortar shop and do all of the signs and interior decorating yourself? Most of us would not; we would hire professionals to give us the best image possible. Your web site acts as your business card and/or online shop. It acts as a direct representative of you and your business. If your web site doesn’t have the professional image you need, you are losing customers. If first impressions are so important, why would you want to scare your potential customers away in the first second?

When you hire a professional designer, not only do they know how to give you a beautiful image, but also how to give you the image that is right for your business and industry. A skilled interior designer Savannah GA should know the ‘in’s and ‘out’s of marketing as well as creativity. An effective web site should be unique, be pleasant on the eye, have clear and easy navigation, load efficiently, and work properly in all the major browsers.

Saving Time
Hiring a professional web designer instead of making the web site yourself will save you a lot of time, energy, and frustration. There is a large learning curve in order to make effective web sites and there are many aspects to web development much beyond learning HTML which makes it a full-time job. A professional web developer is skilled and up-to-date in several areas including Marketing, SEO, Communication, HTML, CSS, Photo Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Java Script, and possibly several other languages like Flash, PHP and others.

Getting Ahead of the Competition
As you may well know, competition is as fierce on the Internet as it is in the physical world. If your competitors have a web presence before you do, they are already a step ahead of you. But, if you launch a new web site that is more effective than theirs, you will have the extra edge. Not only does a well-built web site give a good first impression, it also will give your customers a reason to trust your business over that of your competitors.

Uniqueness and Customization
There are about 56,000,000 web sites on the Internet as of November 2004 according to How are you going to make yours stand out? Buying a nice template can be a quick and cheap solution, but you may risk having your web site look like several others. Furthermore, many features that you may require for your web site including contact forms, galleries, forums, and other special scripts are simply not available with pre-made templates. If you have a web site built with a pre-made template and in the future, you want to expand it, you may have to rebuild the whole site again to include the added features that you need.

Communicating Your Message
A professional web designer is experienced in knowing how to properly communicate your message. They are skilled at marketing and are concerned, above all, with how to effectively communicate your message by organizing your information in a digestible manner as well as communicating your message through the use of colors, fonts, shapes, layouts, and more to convey the message you want to represent for your business.

A nice web site designed by a professional designer will bring attention to your business. Not only does a nice web site attract new customers, it will also bring professional attention from your peers or potential advertisers that you may be in search of. Word-of-mouth and good referrals are some of the most powerful marketing tools there are.

Search Engine Optimization
One of the most important factors about a web site is its presence in the search engines. It is useless to have the nicest web site in the world if it doesn’t have a good presence in the search engine listings. Good search engine ranking is important because they are usually the number one way potential customers will find you on the Internet. They also act as a free and effective advertising tool. A professional web designer will know how to develop your web site to make it fair decently in search engine listings by building it search engine-friendly from the bottom up. This is the most effective and ethical way to ensure top rankings for your website.

Browser Compatibility
Browser incompatibility occurs when a website doesn’t show the same way or appears “broken” to site visitors on different browsers. The reason for this is that different browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Safari, etc.) have different standards for displaying web pages. What looks perfectly fine in one browser may show up as a jumbled mess in another. Professional web designers are skilled at knowing how to make websites display properly on a variety of browsers. A good web designer will test and construct your web site across browsers, ensuring that the majority of people on different browsers can see your website the way it should be.

Making the Difference between Personal and Commercial Websites
There is a huge difference between a home page and a professional website. It can take years of experience to learn how to build an effective commercial website and it is something that is best left to an expert. Having a professional web site will provide you with a sense of security in your business that no home-made website can do. Your website will be something that thousands of people around the world may view every day. Make sure your website shows what you want the world to see; a high-quality, clean, accessible, professional, and top ranking business.…

Our Process

1. Initial Contact:
After you contact us, we will send you a list of questions so that we can assess your needs. After that, we will tell you what we can do for you and go over everything together as well as provide you with realistic estimations.

2. Contract:
After we have agreed upon the project specifications, we will send you an agreement by email.

3. Initial Retainer and Content:
At this point, an initial retainer fee of 70% and the web site content (text, photos, etc.) will be required before we start on the web site design.

4. Questionnaire:
During this stage will send you a short questionnaire to ask about what you are looking for in the style of your website. This could be questions about what your corporate business colors are, what feelings you wish your web site to generate, what type of audience will be using your site, etc.

5. Concepts:
At this point, we will provide you with an agreed upon numbers of concepts in a .jpg image so that you may look them over. We allow up to three emails from you making revisions before approval.

6. Site Construction and Preview:
After your approval of the design concepts, we will begin coding the site pages. When we have finished with this stage, we will upload the site to our server so that you may look it over and make any more changes or corrections.

7. Final Payment:
After the site has been tested and approved, the remaining 30% of the estimation must be made before making the site “live” by uploading it onto your server or agreed on web host.

8. Maintenance:
After your site has gone live, we will offer to do the maintenance of your site for you. Should you wish to use our maintenance services, just let us know and we will make a separate agreement for that. We usually charge maintenance work at a fraction of the total development fee.…

About Us

FriedenGottes Nigeria limited is a web application development and consulting company that specializes in building custom database-driven applications for the web and beyond.  FriedenGottes Nigeria Limited is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with registration number RC1057089.
Since establishment, it has positioned itself as a valuable, reliable and competent Website design outfit poised to project true world-class designs.


Our mission is to provide application services that help our clients reach their goals and give them a measurable advantage over competitors. We are committed to making your online presence effective and successful with a fast turnaround, and reliability. At FRIEDENGOTTES, our core business is website architecture and concept development; we transform all your ideas and imaginations into workable concepts.…