area rugs in emeryville CA

Area Rugs in Emeryville CA

Decor matters. It’s as simple as that. Decor matters because if someone close to you leaves this earth, you can go into their room and see who they were by their decor. They have left behind blankets, pictures, their favorite belongings, cute decorations scattered throughout to remind you of them. Decor matters because if you buy a fixer-upper home, decor can pull it all together.


Decor is what makes a home go from sterile to cozy. Plush rugs squishing between your toes, warm accent lighting creating ambiance, pictures of your family and friends to keep you grounded and faithful, and the list goes on. Decor matters when you are happy, mad, or sad. It is always there. Decor is our flies on the wall that know ourselves better than we do. They see us constantly, in every state of mind. We walk into our homes and decor greets us first. We get that sense of belonging from decor that is hard to find anywhere else when looking for area rugs in Emeryville CA.


When I was younger, I used to decorate and redecorate my room all the time, probably every week. My childhood bedroom, which was an irregularly shaped hexagon, was painted four or five different colors throughout my 18 years there. I also have had my twin-sized bed turned and moved onto every single wall. I loved decorating and designing so much I used to want to make a career out of it. However, as I grew older, my artistic abilities lacked and I choose to pursue the easier task of obtaining an engineering degree instead. Despite my sad drawing skills, I still enjoyed drawing out my designs in my free time. I spent every day of my senior year of high school designing what my dorm room would look like. I put in hours of work searching for the right colors and accessories and taking measurements for what would be my home for the next year.


It was the most satisfying day when I was finally able to put the room together. But why was this important for me? Well, after a couple of months of living with 3 other strangers in this suite-style dorm, having a room that was decorated so homey was one of the only ways I stayed sane my first year in college. The dark navy blues and elegant decor gave me a safe place away from roommates as these girls really made me appreciate the cleanliness of my family. Now in my first apartment, the same idea applied.


Because I love the way I’ve decorated my room, I am able and more willing to keep my space clean. It allows me to function more efficiently and to focus on what is important. Because of my décor, I feel more at home which is so important since I am at a school in a different state, 12 hours away from my family. I believe, as a student, the environment you are in truly does affect how successful you are in your community and in your responsibilities. A clean, organized room is the first step to a productive day which will lead you to a productive life. My décor encourages me to stay organized and this is why décor matters to me.