We always require a contract before engagement of our services. This protects both the rights of your business and ours.

Project estimations will be valid for 30 days after initial estimate. After this time period, estimations may be reconsidered.

We require a 60% non-refundable retainer fee after contract signing and before work can commence.

We require all content for the project before we can begin the design of the project. Content includes all text, photos, contact information, etc. The content must be sent in .doc or .txt format except in certain circumstances where we may require a different file type, in which case we will notify you ahead of time. All content must be provided within 10 business days or a specific amount of time agreed upon after the retainer in order to avoid delays in the project. This will make sure that the project gets completed on time.

You will be required to establish one (1) contact person from your organization. This person should be in charge of all contact with us and of all approvals.

During the different steps of the process, you will be granted a certain amount of changes and correction in each step. The specifications of this are outlined in our contract.
If you will become unreachable or have a delay for any reason, we need to be notified in order to make other arrangements. Failure to do this will result in your project being put on hold until we are able to resume work on it at a later date.

We operate from Monday – Friday 9am-5pm Central African Time, not including holidays. Services beyond these hours are only available for clients with dedicated service maintenance and/or technical support agreements

Any addition to your web site or project including extra pages, additional text, additional photos, additional features (forums, blogs, forms, etc) after initial estimation will increase the total cost of the project. Please let us know of any upgrades you will need as soon as possible in advance so that we can make the appropriate preparations.

Final payment is due on all projects before final project files are divulged or the web site is uploaded to the final web server. We cannot make any exceptions to this policy. If you are in a rush, please make financial arrangements for the project before it begins so we can make sure to do everything within your time constraint. We will allow 10 business days after site completion for payment. If the final payment has not been met by this time, you will be charged a 5% penalty fee of the remaining balance and an additional 5% of accrued balance every month thereafter.

We do not accept unauthorized copyrighted content including text, photos, and designs (plagiarism). Additionally, we will not copy the work of another designer or web site. If we notice that any content has not been authorized for use by the original author, we will remove the files from your web site immediately and/or request that all files be returned from the project. We will then proceed to notify the original author of the copyright violation.