Western Rugs Are Covering My Entire Home

Western style has risen in popularity recently and I’ve become more and more obsessed with it. The biggest move I made was deciding to add cowboy and western area rugs to my home.

western area rug

western rug

Meeting family members and friends are very crucial for me. I have to decor a time for family and friends apart from school activities. I go to school away from my family. My family house is in New York, while my school is in Florida. It is a long distance, I cannot meet my parents everyday. Regardless of long distance, I talk to my parents everyday on phone in very busy semester, when I am going to school full time and doing extra curriculum activities. It is hard to manage time to call parents even for 5 minutes. But one thing that I’ve always been happy about is that I decided to add western rugs to my home all those years ago. It was a great investment.

I decided that I have to call my parents every day since they love me like no one. I believed that the best time is to call my parents when I wake up in the morning. I decor a time to fly to New York after every two months to see my parents. Whenever I wake up, I call my mom everyday. however, my friends wanted me to give them time as well. I have to decor time for friends also. I have two types of friends: class friends and sports friends. I hang out with class friends when I have time between studying and playing sports. I meet sports friends during sport timing, I really do not have to decor an extra time to meet sports friends since I already see them while playing sports.

It is hard to manage time for extra curriculum activities during semester. I am indulge in many extra curriculum activities of school besides studying. I play soccer, basketball, racquetball, swimming and ping pong in the school’s intramural sports. The sports consume large amount of time. I have to decor my time very professionally to study as well. I must make sure that if I am doing good in the sports, I have to do good in studies also. How do I maintain my studying time and practicing the sports? I spend studying time in the morning, trying to save light. Sunlight is free. I have never studied after 10 pm in my life. I wake up early in the morning, when my brain is fresh and do my homework everyday. It takes me two to three hours to do homework.

Rest of the day is to me after homework. At night after 6 pm, I play sports or go to the gym. Sun is set, sky dark but the soccer field’s lights are on. I go to field with my team and practice soccer our times a week for two hours. Then I go to gym to do some cardio work. I go to school gym for at least two to three hours a day. School gym has many activities to do such as racquetball and basketball court, pool table, ping pong table and swimming pool. I do all the activities before gym is closed at 11 at night. I always decor studying and extra curriculum activities time before one night. If I do not plan my day one day before the next day, my day would go rough without planning.

Time is critical for me in college life. I required time for everything: family and friends and education and extra curriculum activities. I plan out my day one day before the next day to confirm that my day would not be difficult,